Hello!! I wanted to start this post with an apology. So, I’m sorry. I’m really, truly, very sorry. I have a feeling you’re currently wondering WHY I’m apologising. It’s because I haven’t been keeping up with my blog. And I’ve left you all hanging, which isn’t very nice. So, I’m sorry. But the reason I […]

Review: Crochet Bow Brooch!

Hello!! This is my first review and it’s on a crochet kit I got from… the Mollie Makes magazine!!! If you don’t know what Mollie Makes is, I’ll do a wee blurb for ya!!! Mollie Makes is basically a magazine for crafters. Whether you’re a seasoned crafter, or a newbie, Mollie Makes is the perfect […]


Hello! My name is Rori Wolf and welcome to my craft blog! This is kinda my first blog, so bear with me! So, the principles. I am going to post tutorials, pics, and other little things that just might peak your interest. I will also post links and review projects I find on Pinterest. I’ll […]