Origami Jewellery


I’m going to post a wee tutorial on something I make quite a bit.

How to: Origami Jewellery!!

And when I say origami jewellery, I mean little paper origami used as pendants/earrings!!

You will need:

Origami paper


PVA glue

A paintbrush

A pin/needle


1: Make your wee origami. It can be anything. It could be a frog, a fish, a crane, it could even be a tiny dino!! Use your imagination!!

2: Figure out where you want the origami to hang from.

3: Poke a wee hole to thread an eyepin through, using the pin/needle.

4: Dip the head of the eyepin into the glue, and thread it through the hole you made in the previous step.

5: Coat the entire origami in glue, and find a place where it can hang up to dry.

6: Once dry, you can thread any beads onto the eyepin if you’re making earrings or a pendant.

7: Make a loop at the top, and attach the earring hooks if you’re making earrings, or attach a jump ring if you’re making a pendant.


All done!!

The great thing about origami jewellery is that you can make lots at a time, and they will be totally different from everything else in the shops nowadays!!

Now go on and show off your amazing origami skills!!!





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