Tutorial: iPod Cover


This is my first tut, so hope you like it!!

This is for a iPod Classic(height 103.5 mm (4.1 inches), width 61.8 mm (2.4 inches))

iPod Cover

You will need...

You will need…

You will need:

  • Lining
  • Wool
  • 4mm Crochet Hook (US size 6)
  • Buttons


Panel (make 2)

ch 13

Rw1 : dc(sc) 1-12, turn

Rw2 : ch 2, tr(dc) 1-12, turn

Rw3 : ch 2, tr(dc) 1-9, ch 3, turn

Rw4 : ch 2, tr(dc) into ch, tr(dc) next 6, ch 3, turn

Rws5-10 : Repeat Rw4

Rw11 : ch 2, tr(dc) into ch, tr(dc) to end, turn

Rw12 : ch 1, dc(sc) to end.

Fasten off, and weave in ends.

When both panels are made, sew the sides together.

Next, sew the buttons that you want onto the front panel near the top.

Make the loops.

Sew the lining.

Attach the lining to the panel pocket.

Sew the bottom of the panel pocket, taking care not to catch the bottom of your lining.

And you’re done!!!

Finished case!!!!

Finished case!!!!

I’m guessing you noticed how the pictures have been taken in two different places? That’s cause I started taking pictures for the project outside in the evening, and finished it inside the next morning. I’m not planning on doing that again(but it might happen by accident!!!). If you want more pictures, just comment below!!

If you make this, please show me pictures, and please give me credit if you post it on your website/blog!



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