Review: Crochet Bow Brooch!


This is my first review and it’s on a crochet kit I got from… the Mollie Makes magazine!!!

If you don’t know what Mollie Makes is, I’ll do a wee blurb for ya!!!

Mollie Makes is basically a magazine for crafters. Whether you’re a seasoned crafter, or a newbie, Mollie Makes is the perfect mag to give ideas, to try some new skills, and to basically make the projects!! There’s different people from the craft world who do interviews, and to share their projects. It’s really cool, so click on the link up there!!

The actual brooch actually took me about an hour, maybe less, to make, so a real quickie! It probably would of taken me less time to make it, if I actually concentrated on it! My brother Light was making baked doughnuts (next post might be about them!!) and wanted some help, so me, being a good big sister, helped him to check whether the bottoms of the doughnuts were raw (they weren’t!! They were yummy!!).

So! To the pictures!


Just crafting with a cup o’ tea!


The instructions in the magazine. Btw, it came with the colored crochet hook!!!


 The issue I got in the post. I might make those sassy sisters and tell you the results!!


And the completed brooch!! Pretty cool, huh?

I put it on my shirt and I haven’t taken it off!! I also love the color, and I can make more like this for prezzies!! That’s Xmas sorted!! 

Hugs and kisses!!



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